Electric Department


Troy Nihart, Electric Superintendent
Trevor Lawson, Electric Personnel

(419) 298-2121 
(during regular office hours)

(419) 298-2343 (for after-hours emergencies)

327 ½   Crane St., Electric Office
P.O. Box 609


Responsibilities: Under the direction of the Village Administrator, the Electric Department is responsible for maintaining, operating, and repairing a variety of mechanical equipment used in the electrical distribution system and street lighting system.  In addition, and when directed by the Village Administrator, the Electric Department shall perform tasks in other Village departments.

    Troy Nihart

  Trevor Lawson


The Electric Department currently serves approximately 940 residential customers, 156 general service and commercial customers, and 11 industrial customers.  The electric system currently has 25 miles of 12,470 voltage distribution line, 1,300 utility poles, 430 streetlights, and 390 transformers. The Village purchases power through the wholesale supplier American Municipal Power Inc. (AMP), which delivers this power via a first energy transmission line at 69,000 volts to our electric substation.  This energy is reduced down to 12,470 volts for the utilization of power for the Village.  The electric crew is composed of qualified journeymen linemen with all the proper training.  They operate three vehicles: a 2016 (55 ft.) bucket truck, a 2001 (40 ft.) bucket truck, and a 2003 digger derrick.


Please call the Ohio Utilities Protection Service (1-800-2764) and the Edgerton Electric Department 48 hours before you dig!