Streets & Parks Department

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Keith Winebar, Street/Parks Personnel

Jimmy Walker, Street Personnel


 (419) 298-1300

Street Office 383 Railroad St.
P.O. Box 609


Responsibilities: Under the direction of the Village Administrator, the Street Department is responsible for repairing and cleaning the streets, alleys, catch basins, lands, square, sidewalks, streams and water courses, as well as the park and recreation facilities of the Village and repairing a variety of mechanical equipment used within the Street maintenance department.  In addition, and when directed by the Village Administrator, the Street Department shall perform tasks in other Village departments.

The Street/Parks Department performs a variety of tasks ranging from maintaining Edgerton’s roadways to spraying for mosquitoes.  Last year, the crew disposed of 1,481 cubic yards of leaves, woodchips, and yard waste.  No matter the season, the Street/Parks Department works endlessly to preserve the hometown appeal of Edgerton.  The crew also dedicates much of their time to the upkeep of Edgerton’s parks.  To ensure that the department can perform their services properly for the Village, please keep these tips in mind:

  • Yard Waste Pick-up is offered seasonally for residents on Mondays, weather permitting.  Materials qualifying as yard waste are: grass clippings, leaves, branches, brush, weeds and bushes (with roots removed).  All waste must be in containers for pick-up.

  • The Village provides a Annual Large Trash Clean-up spring.

  • During the fall, the Street/Parks Department disposes of residents’ leaves raked to the curb on an as-needed basis through the Leaf Pick-up service.

  • In the winter, please remember that sidewalks must be cleared of snow within 12 hours of a snowfall, per ordinance.

  • Please eliminate tall grass and standing water to control the local mosquito population, as well as mowing lawns per ordinance.

For a Map of Edgerton’s Roads, please click here.