Income Tax Department



Shawn Kill

(419) 298-2722

Village Offices
P.O. Box 609

 Responsibilities: Under general direction of the Village Administrator, the Income Tax Clerk is responsible for the administration of the Income Tax Ordinance, and performs other related tasks as required.  In addition, the Income Tax Clerk will assist the Utility Clerk in preparing monthly utility bills, collecting monthly rents, and performing secretarial and administrative duties for the Mayor, Fiscal Officer and Village Administrator.


The Edgerton Income Tax Department was established in the year of 1972 to handle all paperwork and filing of residents’ income tax returns.  The income tax rate for all Village residents is currently 1% through December 31st, 2014.  Starting January 2015, the village tax rate will be 1.75%.  Income tax returns are due on or before April 15th each year.  The required final return covers all earned income from January 1st through December 31st of the previous year and must be filed with a copy of W2’s and federal return.  Payment of all the previous year’s taxes owed must accompany the final return when filed.  The required declaration covers all estimated earned income from January 1st through December 31st of the current year.  The declaration must also be filed and the first installment paid, on or before April 15th of the current year.  For quarterly declarations, the due dates are April 15th, July 30th,  October 30th and January 30th .  To view the Income Tax Ordinance, click here.  Here are some helpful reminders from the Income Tax Clerk:

  • If a resident would like assistance in filling out the appropriate tax forms, please visit the Income Tax Clerk at the Village Offices.

  • The failure of a taxpayer to receive forms does not excuse them from filing a return.
    • If a taxpayer has not received forms, please click here to Download Final Return Forms, click here to Download Estimated Tax Declaration Forms, or visit the tax office to obtain either final return or declaration forms in order to avoid penalties and interest charges.

  • For Edgerton’s companies, click here to Download Withholding Tax Reconciliation Forms or click here to Download Employer’s Monthly Return of Income Tax Withheld.

  • Everyone who is a resident, the age of 18 and older, of the Village of Edgerton must annually file a tax form with the Income Tax Clerk.