Village of Edgerton Council Meeting Minutes
Monday, February 4, 2019 @7:00PM

  • Mayor Bowsher called the meeting to order at 7:00PM with the Pledge of Allegiance
  • Y – Yes, N – No, A – Abstain, Abs – absent

Roll Call:

Muehlfeld, Roger                                   Y
Thiel, Dean Y
Day, Robert Y
Wallace, Chuck Y
Gruver, Jason Y
Perry, Jackie Y


  • Other Village Representatives present
  • Charles Butler – Solicitor
  • Denise Knecht – Fiscal Officer
  • Zachary Dohner – Village Administrator
  • Shawn Clifton – Income Tax Clerk
  • Media
  • Jeremy Scott, Village Reporter
  • Cindy Thiel, Edgerton Earth
  • Public
  • Tom Karnes
  • Motion to Approve Meeting Minutes from 01.21.19:
Muehlfeld, Roger                                   Y
Thiel, Dean Y
Day, Robert Y
Wallace, Chuck Y   Motion
Gruver, Jason Y   Second
Perry, Jackie Y


Mayor Lance Bowsher announced a Proclamation that the month of February, 2019 is designated as Career and Technical Education Month.

Administrator Update:

Zachary Dohner:  stated that Poggemeyer Design Group will be coming to the next Council Meeting on February 18, 2019.  Sid and possibly Tom will do a presentation for Council on water side of the Asset Management project.

Zach informed Council that the heavy load came through Edgerton on Sunday, February 3, 2019 with basically no issues other than they had to back up when making the corner at the Co-op.

Zach commended the Village Electric Department for cutting a tree at 124 W. Indiana that was split.  The brush was left at the residence because of inclement weather.  The Street Department will pick up the brush when the weather is better.

Zach updated Council on the new Coffee Shop coming to town.  Zach has been in contact with Richard Shatzer, ODOT District Manager to confirm information.  Zach has also been in contact with Shea and Stephanie Walkup, Coffee Shop Owners, to update them.  US 6 Limited Access Highway.

Zach informed Council that the Water/Wastewater employees Doug Imm and Ron Brust have started their 14 week Wastewater Basic 1 Operator of Records Class every Monday from 4:30-7:30pm.

Zach informed Council that the American Red Cross will be doing a smoke detector blitz on March 11, 2019.  They will be checking smoke alarms and also providing smoke alarms to residents.  Zach is planning on going to the business with handouts from Scott Blue, Edgerton Fire Chief.

Fiscal Officer Update:

Denise Knecht:  emailed the January financials and passed around a copy for the Council Members signatures.

Denise mentioned that the Village is slightly over target for January expenditures because of the Public Entity Pool Insurance premiums due annually in January.

Denise reported that the 2018 Financial Report and the Hinkle Filing Report draft has been completed and is now being reviewed by Local Government Services.  The final reports need to be submitted to the Auditor of States office by February 28, 2019.

Council Discussion:

Jason Gruver:   commended the team on their weather response.

Chuck Wallace:  asked for an update on the Miller Park Trees.  He stated that the Edgerton Summer Recreation is a volunteer organization and he doesn’t want to get volunteers lined up if the Village finds out that the project cannot move forward.

Zach Dohner:  stated that he had been looking through the safe for the land parcel/deeds.  Zach thinks that an estimate of 8 acres equals the percentage that has to remain wooded.  Zach asked how this project will be funded.

Zach asked Chuck about funds he has spoken about numerous times from the Edgerton Area Foundation but was informed by Chuck that this is a totally separate project.  That is for the existing ballfields project.

Jason Gruver:  stated that he believes a certain percentage has to remain wooded.

Charles Butler:  stated that all the information should be on file at the court house.

Bob Day:  mentioned that a lot of the project could be removing the tree overhangs.

Dean Thiel:  stated he thought that more wooded area was added when the land swap was done.

Chuck Wallace:  stated that a lot of the trees need to be removed anyway.  Chuck also inquired about the funds in Parks Capital.

Zach Dohner:  stated he would find out about the wooded percentages and update Council.

Bob Day:   asked for clarification on the two utility charges Shea Walkup is being charged for which he spoke about at the previous Council meeting.

Zach Dohner:  stated that the Village is waiting to see which tap works best for their Coffee Shop project.  The Village will continue to charge the sewer fees until the project is approved and Walkups decide which tap works best for the Coffee Shop and then the other tap will be capped/abandoned to stop the charges. Per ordinance we charge base sewer fees while active.

Bob Day:  asked whether the Village needs to raise the cost of meter deposits?

Mayor Bowsher:   asked what the deposit prices are now?

Denise Knecht:  stated that a home that has natural gas service and electric is $140.00 and all electric homes are $180.00.

Mayor Bowsher:  stated that he didn’t want to make everyone pay more.  He feels the landowner should collect more from the renters for their security deposits.

Bob Day:  stated that the landlord should be considered first before the renter because landlords have a vested interest in the Village.

Chuck Wallace:  asked if we could find out what the average bill runs?

Denise Knecht:  stated that the amounts charged for the meter deposits has not changed for a long time.

Chuck Wallace:  commented that he doesn’t want to raise prices.

Bob Day:  stated that if residents are obedient they will get the money back when they move.  Then Bob stated the problem is by the time the renter and the landlord are notified they are already into another billing cycle.

Jackie Perry:  asked if the landlords are notified when their renters are delinquent.

Denise Knecht:  stated that tags are delivered to the renter’s door on the 15th of the month if the bill has not been paid and a copy of the tag is mailed to the landlord.

Mayor Bowsher:   stated that we don’t want to make the deposit so high people can afford to move into town.

Bob Day:  stated that the landlord hands are tied because they cannot evict renters until a certain time period has elapsed.

Mayor Bowsher:  stated for the sake of conversation, if we were to raise the meter deposits to $200.00,   the cost could be too high for some people to afford.

Jason Gruver:  stated that he felt the landlords could raise their security deposits.

Denise Knecht:  mentioned that we have some landlords in the Village who call to find out if their renter’s final bill is paid before they refund their security deposit.

Denise also stated that she thought the average utility bill was about $150.00.

Bob Day:  then asked about having a health Insurance study done.

Mayor Bowsher:  stated that Council can have a study done but it won’t be any cheaper than what we already have.

Denise Knecht:   Denise spoke to Crystal Meyers from Northern Buckeye, the Village’s Health, Dental and Vision Insurance.  Crystal said she could come to the Council Meeting on March 18, 2019 to speak about The Northern Buckeye Health Plan, Market Investigation Checklist and also the State Employment Relations Board – 2018 Annual Survey.

Bob Day:  stated that he is not wanting to look at premiums he wants to look at what to see what other Villages do in regard to employees share for insurance premiums and if other Villages match HSA contributions and that type of thing.

Jackie Perry:  commented that the SERP survey should give that info.

Denise Knecht:  will confirm Crystal Meyers form Northern Buckeye to attend meeting on March 18, 2019.

Bob Day:   commended the Fire and Street Department with hustle and compassion shown during the fatal house fire here in Edgerton.  Bob stated that the Edgerton Fire Department/Emergency Services go above and beyond.

Roger Muehlfeld:  stated he was driving through Miller Park and stopped to look at the Miller Park Shelter House building.  He said he was looking at the siding and pushed on it with his finger and it went right through the wood siding.  He said he knew the Council had talked about it before but was wondering where we are on this matter.

Zach Dohner:  stated that Kip Pahl, Public Works Superintendent is aware that there is a lot of work to be done to the building and is looking into it.  The front of the building needs cleaned up as well.  Zach and Kip have had several conversations on this matter.

Chuck Wallace:  asked where the building is on the list of things that need done.

Bob Day:  asked if the building has air conditioning?  The response was no.

Chuck Wallace:  commented that it may not be worth it to put a lot of money into the Miller Park Shelter House building.  The building is approximately fifty years old and is too small for a lot of parties and receptions.  Chuck stated that Kevin Brooks, previous Village Administrator had plans drawn up for a new building at Miller Park.  Chuck stated that a lot of parties and receptions go to other communities.

Mayor Bowsher:  stated that $100,000.00 won’t give the Village much of a building.

Chuck Wallace:  stated that this needs to be a priority.

Mayor Bowsher:  stated that there are not a lot of grants available for this type of project.  Nature works grants might be able to help a small amount with anything that needs to be ADA Compliant.

Bob Day:  stated that there are not a lot of service organizations any more.

Chuck Wallace:  asked how many rentals we had last year.  Chuck stated the Village may need to take it down and put up an open shelter house on the slab.

Mayor Bowsher:  stated that the drawing Kevin Brooks had made was extremely nice and expensive.

Dean Thiel:   asked how much we want to put into the Miller Park Shelter House Building for repairs.

Mayor Bowsher:  stated that anything we do at this point is a band aid.

Zach Dohner:  commented that if we are going to do something with the Miller Park Shelter house building it needs to be done right.

  • Motion to pay bills 02.04.19:
Muehlfeld, Roger                                   Y
Thiel, Dean Y
Day, Robert Y
Wallace, Chuck Y   Motion
Gruver, Jason Y   Second
Perry, Jackie Y


  • Motion to adjourn at 7:31 PM:
Muehlfeld, Roger                                   Y
Thiel, Dean Y
Day, Robert Y
Wallace, Chuck Y
Gruver, Jason Y   Motion
Perry, Jackie Y   Second