Village Administrator

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Village Administrator

  Zachary Dohner

Remember to call 1-800-362-2764 and 419-298-2912 before you dig.



Responsibilities: The Village Administrator is responsible for the administrative supervision over all departments and divisions of the Village.  The Village Administrator shall manage and control the Water Works, Electric Light Plant, Waster Water Plan, or other similar public utilities and collects all water, electric, sewer and other utility rents.  The Village Administrator shall supervise the improvement, repairs, lighting and cleaning of all village streets, alleys, lands, parks, squares, sidewalks, sewers, drains, culverts, catch basins, curbs, streams, water courses, public buildings and places.  In addition, the Village Administrator shall be the purchasing agent for all Village offices, departments, divisions, boards and commissions and shall make all contracts, purchase supplies or materials, provide for all work of the Village.