Remember When?

1.      When Lee Upp was janitor in the old schoolhouse?

2.      When Albertson was railroad watchman on Michigan Ave.?

3.      When we entered the cemetery by walking over steps built in a “stile”?

4.      When ladies skirts were so long they carried a train?

5.      When the fire extinguisher was upset in the classroom when G.R. Anderson was here?

6.      When Pat Snyder would hum his tune before waiting on a customer?

7.      When Rev. Fr. Schritz came to the class room and taught our Literature class?

8.      When the town burned up?

9.      When Hallowe’en [sic] came and Michigan Ave. was decorated?

10.  When Mr. Britt was doing depot duty and kept a young greenhouse there?

11.  When woman [sic] still wore her “crowning glory” and was known by its beauty?

12.  When the town pump refreshed the weary traveler?

13.  When Bill Hopkins and Buell returned with river fruit and a fish pole?

14.  When the scare-crow hung on the flag-pole in front of the post-office when Mr. Terpening was post-master?

15.  When Edgerton sold “moon” made from mush?

16.  When wood ownings were used instead of canvas?

17.  When Mr. Jarrard was nightwatch?

18.  When your “likeness” appeared on tin type produced by Ed. Slater, also Mrs. Thrawl?

19.  When the safe was first wrecked in D.A. Farnham’s store?

20.  When frog ponds were skating rinks in winter inside the corporation?

21.  When Calvin Upp lit the street lamps?

22.  When the man with the bear came to town and took up a collection to see the bear climb the telegraph pole?

23.  When the man with the grind-organ and monkey came to town?

24.  When a board fence enclosed every yard?

25.  When we called on Ruff Nichols to white-wash our ceiling?

26.  When Buck Unger rode the bucking bronco?

27.  When the ark was on the river?

–          Edgerton: Our Home Town Yours and Mine


1.      When 100 wagons were waiting to be unloaded on Wheat Hill and the 14 saloons were waiting to fill up the drivers?

2.      The Civil War Monument that [sic] stood on Michigan Street?

3.      When the boiler in Briggs & Walters Handle Factory blew up?

4.      When J.B. Munzer ran a general store on the corner?

5.      The old time band their favorite tune ‘Creole Bells’?

6.      When D.R. Spangler ran a hardware store?

7.      When Pete Yunk was the night watchman?

8.      Abe Strausborger, the grand old man who faithfully worked at Jake’s Grocery for 14 years?

9.      Uncle ‘Pat’ Snyder, when he ran a grocery and his wife had a millinery store?  Who built the ‘Ark’ on the St. Joe River?

10.  F.W. Arnds, who ran a grocery and bakery and some of the bakers he employed, Amos Kethley, the redhead, the Plug hat man and his wife?

11.  Carl, the Dutchman?

12.  When Arthur Mortland sang ‘Jerusalem’ and ‘Annie Roonie’ and had it not been for his voice, he would have excelled Caruso?

13.  The Quiggle & Bechtol Gents Furnishing Store?  Franklin Dietsch sang a solo at the 8th grade graduation?  Ben Heist, the famous catcher?  When the gas well was shot?

14.  The musical organization consisting of Sell Aker, Frank Hammond, Vern Hammond, Charley Dunn, Clyde Swinderman and Sam Thompson? 

15.  The Mann family; Ida, Selicia, Delilah and son Clyde? 

16.  When George Keinath played ball with Montpelier?

17.  The speech that Rev. Marsh made on return of the ‘Earths’ from Wauseon after a glorious game? 

18.  When George Helwig, George Long, Henry Cohn and Uncle Dan Farnham had stores in Edgerton? 

19.  The coal oil street lights and Cal Upp was chief engineer?

20.  The steam engine and the old plug on the Lake Shore R.R.?

21.  The best gate and ticket man the ‘Earths’ had?  Pete Simon, of course!

22.  When the ordinance prohibited the sale of intoxicants was stolen?

23.  Uncle Geo. Schmetzer, the drayman?

24.  The Old Steam powered threshing rigs?

25.  When sandwiches were 5 cents and a stick of candy tickled a kid to death?

26.  The big orchards of B. Franklin Dietsch?


–          Williams County, Ohio 1978